March 3, 2011

Final Defence

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The long-awaited FINAL defence MSc. Thesis dubbed “Developing  a Differential GPS Service Using the Internet” has been slated for the 8th day of March, 2011 @ the Levine Hall, Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah Univesity of Science and Technology, Kumasi. Time: 8 am prompt.

However, this presentation shall be staged behind closed-doors.

Administrator, DGPS@KNUST .


September 17, 2010

DGPS@KNUST goes worldwide

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The KNUST GPS base station data can now be accessed online via, irrespective of ones location. This is a major development to the system which promises to  boost the dissemination of GPS base station data in Ghana.

In July 2010,  accessibility the service was limit to the University (DGPS@KNUST Latest Development).Upon further consultations with web development experts for the KNUST Network Operating Centre (NOC), it was agreed to extend the usage beyond the horizon of the university.

DGPS@KNUST is the only fully operational online GPS data dissemination service in Ghana. It was developed and managed by the Department of Geomatic Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology– Kumasi, Ghana. This service, if full implemented, has the capacity to

  1. Significantly reduce the initial capital needed for the acquisition of GPS receivers for specific jobs since the cost of hiring a base receiver would have been taken care of by the permanent base station setup.
  2. Assist in integrating satellite data from both private and public sources into the national system.
  3. Support real time GNSS/GPS data dissemination.

July 13, 2010

DGPS@KNUST Latest Developments

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The following are the major changes introduced since the system was at maintenance.

Scope of the service

In order to fully test the service, the administrator in consultation with his supervisor has limited the usage to the university, rather than the general public. This decision was taken due to serveral reasons including:

  1. Lack of adequate equipment (such as power back-up systems, internet gadgets, etc)  for the full implementation of service
  2. To buy some time to fully improve service with the suggestions from campus users

The administrator wishes to apologize to all who were expectant of this project. The system is now available to only users hooks to the University Internet. Students and Lecturers would now have privilege of downloading hourly data for academic works

NB. Users should contact the administrator for the link to the service via .

The administrator also promises to send base station data to any Professionals who requests the use of it.

This blog, nonetheless, will be available to all who wish to follow, suggest and contribute to the full development of the service.

Administrative Desktop Data Uploader (ADDU) installed

At long last, the custom-made uploader is complete and installed. This completes the automation process of sending data from the DGPS administrative office onto the internet. This is how it works:

  1. Newly logged Data is detected few minutes after every major hour
  2. Message is sent to the uploader which initiates the upload process
  3. New data file is uploaded onto the web server
  4. Changes show up on the homepage and data page of the dedicated website.

The main window of the application shows the hourly data uploads, the number of uploads since the service commenced, and base station information. It also makes room for administrator make changes to the upload folder path, interval between each upload, administrative username and password, etc.

NB. This application is  available to only the Service Administrator.

December 13, 2009

Major Maintenance !

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The administrator of  DGPS@KNUST service informs all users, subscribers, contributers, evaluators, and reviewers that due to a major servicing being undertaken on the main service website, users may not be able to login to download files.  The login page has been disable to allow for proper evaluation

Notwithstanding this challenge, reviewers can still visit the site and express their comments through this blog. Service may be restored on Tuesday 15th December, 2009.

December 10, 2009


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The newly designed website for the KNUST DGPS service has just been hosted  online . The free service which will be provided by the Department of Geomatic Engineering, KNUST, will allow surveyors and all GPS users to download hourly Base station data 24/7. It has simple and user-friendly pages, giving users relevant information about the system.

The website, though available online at the moment, is not fully-functional. Users are to note that the data provided is just for testing. The Uploader application is yet to be installed on Administrator’s System. When completed, it would upload hourly data to the host server and made available on the website. This means that, 24 pieces of base station data files will be up for subsequent download.
The system will be fully-functional early January, 2010.
Click on the image below to navigate to the service website:


All enquiries about the system should be directed to the administrator on (+233)-020-650-7771 or

November 26, 2009

Differential GPS @ KNUST

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The Department of Geomatic Engineering, KNUST, seek to announce to all surveyors and GPS users in and around the Kumasi Metropolis of the free access to its GPS base station data 24 hours a day.

The base station ,though currently not a continuously operating reference station (CORS) due to obvious reasons, would as continuous as possible keep data, upload and make available the data to all interested surveyors through a specially designed website hosted by the university’s NOC/ICTC.

The use of this semi-CORS data would hence replace single point positioning into DGPS or relative positioning which is the recommended mode of GPS surveys in Ghana.

The service takes off soon, however, interested persons can contact the lecturer-in-charge on or the administrator on